We are being watched. Recording devices are everywhere: From street corners and retail outlets to satellites in the sky. But did you know the car you drive may be spying on you too?

If you are driving a vehicle built after 1993, chances are it contains an “Event Data Recorder” (“EDR”).

The device records speed and braking in the event of an accident and deployment of the airbag. Newer devices can record whether the driver’s seatbelt was fastened at the time the airbag deployed. You may have one of these devices installed in your car and not know about it. What’s more, your insurance company may be able to use the data contained in the device to contradict what you say about an accident.

Each attempt to gain access to personal data or information is a potential threat to privacy.

Is this a further erosion of our legal rights, another spy in our private lives? Or is it reasonable for the police or insurance companies to use this information when investigating an accident?

The answer will depend upon the facts of a particular case. If you have a claim with an insurance company and are concerned about privacy issues, consult a lawyer.