When your insurance claim, whether it be long term disability, critical illness, life or property, has been denied or benefits terminated the consequences to you and your family can be devastating.

The reason these types of insurance policies are purchased is so that, in your time of need, you will have money.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the insurance company will deny insurance benefits in circumstances where the denial is simply not appropriate. If your claim has been denied, you need to speak to one of our disability claim lawyers.

If you believe you have been wrongly denied insurance benefits under your claim policy, please contact us.

4 Reasons You need to speak to one of our insurance denial lawyers:

  1. Time limits apply:
    When an insurance company has denied your claim or terminated your benefits, there is a time limit on your right to sue.  If you have not started a lawsuit within the legal time limit you may be forever barred from having your case heard in court.  Time Limits are not the same for every policy and that is why it is essential to get legal advice to know what time limits apply in your circumstance.
  2. A lawyer at Wirsig Matheos can interpret the terms of the policy:
    Every policy of insurance is a contract that must be read and reviewed to determine what it covers and what it excludes.  Some aspects of a disability claim policy include the terms of disability; waiting or elimination periods; the definitions of specific words and phrases such as existing conditions, and  regular care of a physician to list a few. Virtually every insurance contract will contain terms that are difficult to understand.  That is why contacting one of our insurance denial lawyers is so important.
  3. A lawyer at Wirsig Matheos can interpret medical and other evidence and apply it to the policy terms:
    We have years of experience in reading and reviewing expert reports and can use these reports to prove that you are entitled to insurance benefits under the policy.
  4. A lawyer at Wirsig Matheos can help you get your insurance benefits.


Some of the most common reasons for insurance companies to deny coverage include:

  1. No Proof of Disability
  2. Changes in Medical or Functional Status
  3. Denial of Short Term Disability Benefits

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Disability claims commonly denied include:

  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety

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