Our firm / Testimonials

Sarando and Pam, Just a note to say how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I honestly could not have won this battle without your guidance. Each day was hard enough but now I feel I can finally start my healings.

R. H. & Family


Sarando, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, and your office for all of your time and effort on my claim.

I had gotten used to being told “I can’t help you” from professionals along my mystery medical journey and at our first meeting it was the first time in three years I’d felt supported and somewhat vindicated that I was not just over-reacting but indeed had been mistreated along my quest for LTD.

I know the process was long, and not without complications but I do recognize all the support that came from you and the treatment of kindness from the team at WM including the professionals you connected me with along the way.

In a sense I am sorry there is a reason to involve lawyers for those dealing with medical issues and insurance claims, but am so grateful to know your office is there to help stand up and take on our cause.

I am grateful that you took me on as a client and ultimately can only say truly and deeply. Thank you!

N. K.


Mr. Matheos, I am so grateful for all the assistance you provided; the patient and understanding ear and the inclusion of my thoughts and feelings in our meetings. I am also very thankful for the help you and Mr. Wirsig provided during the mediation. I felt well prepared by you; and I felt well represented. I confidently refer others to you and your firm.



Sarando, thank you for all the help in making my case with Great-West Life a success. God Bless you!

C.R., (Surrey)


Thank you Kirk and Sarando for your gentle expertise in seeing me through the gruelling years required to finalize my legal matters. I appreciate your forthright and open communication as it helped me to sort out the details. I am happy for a satisfactory conclusion.

D.H., Surrey


Mr. Matheos, thank you for taking my case. You made my very long journey of ups and downs a much more levelled road. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

K.R., Surrey


I want to thank your firm for all your hard work on my ICBC files! I know you went beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions and I really appreciate that. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Matheos.

Melissa, Surrey


Kirk, thank you for your assistance in resolving the claim against Sun Life. We could not have done it without you – truly brilliant!

Kelly, Surrey


Sarando, thank you for your patience and diligence. Thank you for believing in me and not giving up.

I.P., Surrey


Thank you and great work Martin, and in record time! You are a gem! I was lucky to have you.



Martin, when I met you, you showed me so much empathy and understanding about what I had been dealing with since being denied benefits, there wasn’t much to explain. You were extremely thorough and made sure I understood everything we spoke about with such patience and care. You understood that I had no more strength to fight this battle. You went over, above and beyond, to protect me from the cruelty that was taking place. You aided in saving my life. This is no exaggeration, by the way. You representing me, made me feel like I had a big brother to fight these bullies. Having my benefits re-instated as well as the recent decision for continued disability benefits, serves my health and continued effort towards recovery, more than you can probably imagine.

I believe that you are the unsung hero Martin. Thank you so very much for all that you have done for my family and I. I hope that my words resound in your daily fight for justice! Keep fighting the good fight Martin, you are unique and deserve glory!

Julia Spencer


Martin, thanks for everything. My thanks for being so knowledgeable and making me feel comfortable. And thank you for the beautiful ending.



I got seriously hurt at work and for a few years I managed to keep working full time, then part time, then nothing.

After a dozen plus years of paying full premiums to a private insurance company through work; I needed to apply for disability. They said I filed too late so it was denied. (The circumstances and injury were real but I missed the deadline to file).

I ended up talking to Martin Willemse.

I found him to be intelligent, personable, honest and straight forward. He told me to be patient so I was. He was always easy to talk to and never seemed hurried. He encouraged questions and explained them to my satisfaction even when the explanation took time.

Long story short, Martin Willemse got me a settlement I could be happy with.

I thought nobody cared and I didn’t have a chance in hell but he made it possible to pay off debts.

If it wasn’t for Martin I may have been on the news in a bad way.

I cannot thank him enough for taking a chance on me and taking on my case, it was an interesting and rewarding experience and I would recommend you contact him immediately if you need to fight, (The man.)

I thank Martin beyond words.



I received extremely good service from Martin with my disability insurance claim.

He was very knowledgeable and experienced at what he does. He helped me through a difficult time and made the process easier than if I did it on my own.

I was happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Martin and his firm.

Thank you Martin for everything, definitely could not do this without you.



Our claim with the insurance company was” Out of the Ordinary and Against All Odds”.

We were advised by a friend to speak to the lawyers at Wirsig & Matheos.

Our lawyer Martin Willemse showed extreme compassion and empathy as he listened to our plight.

We were advised that the circumstances were unusual. He made no promises other than that he would do everything in his power to help.

After countless hours and with his expertise, Martin Willemse was able to get a settlement for us. He made a big difference in our lives.

Forever Grateful.


I was experiencing a lot of confusion and difficulties and was very overwhelmed was having really bad anxiety, did not know what to do with my situation with my case and how to handle my situation.

At this point I went to see Martin Willemse for the first time to seek some advice.

I have to say that Martin he listened to me, he understood everything I was going through and said “I Can Help You.” Those words took a lot of pressure off me.

Now Martin handled my case for about just over a year, and through out the year he has been very supportive, understanding and very patient and very calming for me which took a lot pressure of me.

The Big Day Was when we had mediation. For a whole week before I was having a breakdown and was having anxiety, panic attacks and very emotional.

On the day just before going in for mediation I had a breakdown and did not want to go through with the mediation, it was Martin Willemse who talked me through it and helped me and supported me to get through this day.

Thank you so much could not have done this successfully without him.



A strong support, genuine understanding, care and great professional help is what anyone needs during the most difficult times in life, especially when it comes to dealing with legal matters. It was exactly what I have received from the Wirsig Matheos Insurance Denial Lawyers firm. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff with many years in the industry provided top of the line service with advice, appointment arrangements, research, paper work, phone calls and most importantly: respect and courtesy. Moreover, the firm provided me with much needed advice and help at no cost even after my case was settled. I would highly recommend retaining a legal counsel from the Wirsig Matheos Insurance Denial Lawyers, absolutely no question about it. Thank you for all your hard work!

D.I., Vancouver