Spinal Cord Injury

Our ICBC/personal injury lawyers have acted for many clients that have suffered from spinal cord injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents, boating accidents, sporting accidents, slip & falls, and other accidents.

The term “spinal cord injury” (SCI) refers to any injury to the spinal cord that is caused by trauma. The most likely cause of a SCI is a motor vehicle accident. Depending on where the spinal cord and nerve roots are damaged, the symptoms can vary widely, from pain to paralysis.

Treatment can vary widely depending on the location and extent of the injury. In many cases, spinal cord injuries require substantial physical therapy and rehabilitation, especially if the patient’s injury interferes with activities of daily life.

A radiographic evaluation such as x-ray, MRI or CT scan can determine if there is any damage to the spinal cord and where it is located. A neurologic evaluation incorporating sensory testing and reflex testing can help determine the motor function of a person with a SCI.

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